Past Events

Fall 2017

11/7/17 – General Meeting

  • Colleen Zwiebel from Arup

10/24/17 – General Meeting

  • David Adamson and Travis McGuire from GSI Environmental Inc.

9/26/17 – General Meeting

  • Matthew Lengyel from FIGG Bridge

9/12/17 – First General Meeting

  • Officer introductions; purpose of ASCE
  • Faculty advisor introduction: Dr. Daniel Cohan
  • Introduction of competitions: Concrete Canoe (Toby Li) and Seismic Design (Monica Julian & Jaden Gallegos)

Spring 2013

4/30/13 – Rinker Materials Plant Tour

  • Visit to Rinker Materials plant site.  Large scale manufacturing of concrete pipes

4/10/13 – 2013 Chi Epsilon/ASCE Honors Banquet

  • Banquet for students, faculty, and staff.  New officers and some scholarships!

3/23/13 – Concrete Canoe Competition, Texas-Mexico Region

  • Canoe team going to Corpus Christi!  Best of luck to Cloud.

Fall 2013

11/7/13 – General Meeting

  • Rebecca C Daprato, PhD, PE; Environmental Consulting at Geosyntec Consultants

10/30/13 – Movie Night

  • Watched Urbanized, the third documentary in Gary Hustwit’s design trilogy

10/24/13 – General Meeting

  • Spencer Suarez, LT from the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program (NUPOC)

10/10/13 – General Meeting

  • Claire Heumann from Arup

10/5/13 – BBQ Social

9/26/13 – General Meeting

  • Alan Shive from Fluor Corporation

9/12/13 – General Meeting

  • Dr. De Blanc from GSI Environmental Inc

9/5/13 – First General Meeting

  • Officer introductions; purpose of ASCE
  • Dr. Jamie Padgett – research interests (bridge retrofitting) and different possible career paths
  • Dr. Rouzbeh Shahsavari – research interests (nano in cementitious materials) and competitions

Spring 2011

4/22/11 – General Meeting/End of the year social

  • Jack Sakolosky from Othon came to discuss various projects that Othon pursued

4/12/11 – ASCE-Chi Epsilon Banquet

4/8/11 – Course Advisory Meeting

  • Upperclassmen gave their opinions on class to take next year

4/1/11 – General Meeting

  • Ranney McDonough came to talk about the professional life and the prospects of owning your own company

3/18/11-General Meeting

  • Ilona Hanten, Thomas Spangenberg, and Evan Wehrle came to talk about their firm, KBR

2/23/11-ASCE Career Fair

2/18/11 – General Meeting

  • Jeff Taylor and Jason Ward came to talk about their firm, Freese and Nichols

2/10/11 – General Meeting

  • Kate Hallaway came to talk about her latest project in Pate Engineering

1/28/11 – ASCE Game Night

  • Board games and card games to foster CEVE bonding.

1/21/11 – General Meeting – First meeting of the semester

  • Ben talks about what ASCE has to offer, as well as the agenda for the coming semester

1/14/11 – Textbook Sale

  • Come to buy and/or sell your old CEVE (or otherwise) textbooks.

Fall 2010:

12/2/10 – General Meeting

  • End of semester celebration.

11/18/10 – General Meeting

  • Clay Forister from LJA engineering came to talk about the firm and recent projects.

11/11/10 – Course Advisory Meeting

  • Upperclassmen gathered to give their opinions on which courses to take.

11/5/10 – General Meeting

  • Grant Warnecke, past Rice ASCE president, came to talk about his experiences working for Shell and the opportunities they offer.

10/22/10 – Tour at Hanson

  • We toured the Hanson concrete pipe & precast materials facility.

10/7/10 – General Meeting

  • Joe Jones, Craig Williams, Jeremy Hudgens, and Richard Sasser from Austin Commerical came to talk about their firm and their latest project: the Methodist West Houston Hospital.
  • We also discussed the Hanson concrete pipe & precast materials facility tour scheduled for Friday, 10/22/10.

9/21/10 – General Meeting

  • Julio Salinas from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) came to talk about the responsibilities and projects of TxDoT.

9/3/10 – General Meeting

  • Fall 2010 kickoff meeting. Brett Pope from the ASCE Younger Members group came to speak about ASCE and the benefits they offer.
  • The officers were introduced, and the plans for the coming semester were detailed.

Spring 2010:

4/23/10 – General Meeting

  • End of the year celebration and send off for seniors.

4/9/10 – General Meeting

  • Ron Reichert talks about a recent topic in engineering

3/26/10 – General Meeting

  • An engineer from AECOM talks about the firm.

3/12/10 – General Meeting

  • Representative from Engineering Green Buildings group talks about how to greenify our profession.

2/19/10 – General Meeting

  • Julio Salinas talks about opportunities in ASCE Houston.

2/5/10 – General Meeting

  • Research opportunities from Dr. Padgett, Dr. Cohan, Dr. Griffin, and Dr. Stanciulescu.

2/3/10 – ASCE Spring Career Fair

  • One of the few career fairs geared only to Civil Engineers.

1/21/10 – General Meeting

  • First meeting of the semester; learn about professionalism.

Fall 2009:

12/4/09- General Meeting

  • We had our end of semester celebration, complete with lunch, cookies and Christmas music.

11/20/09- General Meeting- Speaker from NGI

  • We had Francisco Hernandez-Martinez from NGI come and speak about geotechnical difficulties in underseas projects.

11/6/09- General Meeting- Speaker from KBR

  • This week we had Buster Brown from KBR speak about his experience with KBR and structural issues in construction for oil and gas.

10/23/09- General Meeting- Speakers from the City of Houston

  • Two speakers from the City of Houston came in and spoke about jobs in the civil service sector.

10/2/09- General Meeting- Speakers from Walter P. Moore

  • We had two younger civil engineers from Walter P. Moore talk about working in the general civil section of that company, specifically transportation design.

9/18/09- General Meeting- Speaker from Grounds Anderson

  • Elle Anderson from Grounds Anderson came to talk about opportunities in environmental engineering.

9/4/09- General Meeting

  • This was out first meeting of the semester, a kick off meeting. We talked about the time-line and goals for the semester, as well as introduced the officers to new members.

Summer 09Outreach

06/25/09- Outreach Event

We brought in roughly 20 elementary school children for a tour of Rice and the engineering facilities. After the tour, we demonstrated concrete and wooden beam testing, and informed the children about research opportunities at Rice.

Spring 09

04/10/09-General Meeting

  • End of semester meeting. We introduced the new officers to all the members and we planned for the next school year.

03/27/09- General Meeting- Speaker from East Jordan Iron Works

  • We had Ron Reichert  from East Jordan Iron Works come in and speak on standardization of iron products in the US.

02/13/09- General Meeting- Speaker from Terracon

  • Patrick Beecher from Terracon spoke about geotechnical engineering opportunities in the civil engineering field.

02/11/09- Internship/Career Fair

  • Our annual spring career fair. This year we had about 6 companies and 35 students show up. It was well attended although due to the sluggish economy was somewhat lacking in company representation.

1/30/09- General Meeting

This was our spring semester kick-off meeting. The officers talked about the plans for the semester as well as goals.